Apparently this keyboard was originally sold to be used with the BBC B microcomputer 

Now sporting a midi output and 5V dc input 

This keyboard was given to me by fellow SDIYer, Peter Swarbrick. It has 37 keys on a 4x8 + 1x5 bus arrangement. I midified it by fitting a 3 octave keyboard controller (MIDI4B) designed by Roman Sowa, and which I won in the SDIY UK 2004 raffle !! 

In this design, only 31 of the keys are active, the 32nd key activates 'channel coupling' so that when it is pressed, all activity on the keyboard is sent to two different midi channels. 

Channel number and transposition are settable on two small sets of buttons on the pcb. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of the board before it was installed in the case. 

Details of the Midi4B  board can be found here


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