Triple VCA 

Triple VCA

Rear View of completed VCA 

Triple VCA Front Panel

Triple VCA Front Panel 

You can find the UK parts listing in PDF form here. 

Triple VCA Project Page. 

Here's a few pictures of the construction process: 

First up: whether to use the traditional Omeg pots (the green one on the right) or try some Piher carbon pots (the black one). As far as board mounting id concerned, they are interchangeable, and either fit into the bracket. The Omeg pots have quite a stiff feel to them, as they are full of grease. The Pihers have a much lighter feel. As there was some discussion on preferences on the Oakly yahoo groups forum, I thought I'd give the Pihers a try out. 

Here's the completed VCA board ready to have the pots fitted. 

Piher pots mounted in their brackets 

The front panel has arrived ! Mmmmm.....Sweeties 

Yup. That's the one. Ready to start mounting the board. But first....... 

Mount the Jack sockets and construct a grounding frame. 

Board and panel pots mounted. Ready to start wiring 

Here we go. 

Crop those Shafts

Time to crop those pot shafts. Just snip them off. 

So whats the conclusion of the pots preferences then? 

Well, I have to say that I still prefer the Omegs. If it ain't stiff in the knob department, then it ain't worth a ....oohhh er. 


Page last updated: 12th December 2008