P3 Sequencer 

Quick Desktop Lashup 

Great serial number. 'Try not to break it Mr. Bond!' 

Reflashing with midiOX. I did have some problems with this at first. Although the sequencer would respond to midi note on/off information and clock, it would not accept a sysex dump. Turned out to be a faulty 6N139 optoisolator in the Midi input of the P3. 

Powertip display. This version allows fitting a 16 pin header. 

Clothed at last. Hammond case drilled and engraved by Steve Thomas. 

Another jaunty view. 

A peek inside. 

Round the back. 

And again. 


P3 with new PLED display 

These displays have much better contrast than the LCD types and have a wider viewing angle. 

You can find the UK parts listing in PDF form for Main board and Other Boards. 

Colin Frasers' P3 site 


Page last updated: 2nd September 2004