This is my completed Soundlab in red MDF box 

The nearly finished board. Still needs 1V/oct scaling mods and LED circuits. 

The Schaeffer front panel. I didn't get the spacing quite right, so some of the legends are partially obscured by the knobs. 

The rear of the front panel before wiring up begins. 

Here's the rats nest. 

The Soundlab is powered by a pair of rechargeable NiMH PP3 batteries. 

Another view of the guts. Note the 2 trim pots for VCO scaling. 

Much fun to be had hooked up to the FatController sequencer. 

Soundlab with his Big Brotha!! 

Sound Samples: 

Fiddling with the knobs: Soundlab1.mp3 

Soundlab controlled by the fatty: Soundlabseq1.mp3, Soundlabseq2.mp3 

Link to Musicfromouterspace Soundlab page 


Page last updated 17th October 2004