A site for noise-making toys 

This is the current state of my analogue modular synthesiser. 

Based mainly on Oakley modules designed by Tony Allgood at Oakleysound 

More Cool Pix

These beautiful Oak cabinets were made for me by Mark Smith, after a conversation at the Synth-DIY 2003 Meeting. 

Click on the picture above for more groovy pics, and details of the cabinet interconnects and power supply. 

Oakley Front View 1

The Modular-Uplugged!  Click on the picture for module details. 

Modules in Top Cabinet 2 (Left to Right) 

1 x CGS 26 Analog Logic 

1 x Equinox VC Phaser 

1 x Triple VCA 

1 x Sample & Hold & Slew Generator 

1 x State Variable Filter 

1 x Supperladder 3  

1 x Control 3  

1 x Octal Resonator 

1 x Voltage Contolled ADSR/VCA 

1 x Dual Lag 

1 x CGS 29 Wavemultiplier 

1 x Dizzy Power Distribution Board (mounted on rear panel) 

Modules In Bottom Cabinet 1 (Left to Right) 

1 x  polyDAC  

1 x Homebrew 4x4 Multiple (Clone of MOTM-901 Cascaded Multiple) 

1 x OMS-312 Triple Basic LFO 

3 x OMS-301 One of Three VCO. (1x Mk1 and 2x Mk2) 

1 x OMS-340 Noise and Filter 

1 x OMS-404 Multiladder Mk2 

2 x OMS-804 ADSR & VCA 

1 x OMS-903 Audio Mixer 

1 x Dizzy Power Distribution Board (mounted on rear panel) 

1 x HBB-15-1.5-A Power-One Power Supply (mounted behind triple LFO boards) 

All the front panels are manufactured in Berlin by Schaeffer AG (see link at bottom of the page). 

Parts Lists 

All the parts lists for the modular are now dated so that you will be able to see if you have the latest version. There have been some minor corrections made to some of them , and if you spot any mistakes, please let me know. 

Oakely Modular: 

Control 3  updated 25th February 2004 

Superladder 3 8th December 2003 

SVF 8th December 2003 

S&H 8th December 2003 

Triple VCA 8th June 2003 

MidiDAC 2 updated 10th April 2003. 

VCO Mk2 updated 23rd March 2003  

ADSR & VCA updated 27th March 2003 

Multiladder Mk2 21st January 2003 

Triple Basic LFO 21st January 2003      

Noise & Filter 21st January 2003 

Equinox 22nd January 2003 

Audio Mixer 23rd January 2003 


The main sequencer I use is a homebrew version of Colin Frasers' Sequentix P3. This is a microprocessor-based, 8 track hardware midi sequencer.  

Pictures taken during construction of P3 No 007 

Steve Thomas did the CNC work on my P3 Hammond case. 

P3 Sequencer Parts List: 

P3 Main Board 8th December 2003 

P3 Other Boards 8th December 2003 

I also have one of  Paul Perrys' Frostwave fatControllers, a 16 note analogue unit. 


Photos of my workspace are here

Recording and mixing via a Yamaha AW16G digital workstation. 

Monitoring on PMC DB1 loudspeakers. 


After hearing several of these at the SDIY 2003 gathering, and being convinced by Paul Maddox's evangelising, I coughed up for a Soundart Chameleon. This is a very versatile 24 bit programmable audio DSP engine, housed in a 1U 19" rack box. In essence, you can load different Soundskins via midi sysex and effectively turn the unit into different instruments. For the adventurous, there is also a Developers Kit freely available to allow you to custom program your own soundskins. Checkout the dedicated website for Chameleon projects

Other Stuff 

Other Projects undertaken : 

Ray Wilson's Soundlab Minisynth                    

Trevor Page's 9090 Drumsynth                       

Oakleysound 3031 

3 Octave monophonic Midi Keyboard utilising Roma Sowa's MIDI4B Keyboard controller, fitted to a keyboard kindly donated by Peter Swarbrick at Synth-DIY 2005. 

Quad Flanging Delay 4xD designed by Seb Francis 

4xD Quad Flanging Delay

Synth-DIY UK 

Here is a link to Paul Maddox's page for Synth-DIY meetings in the UK and around the world: 

Contact Details 

You can contact me here, Andy Wilson 


Audio Engineers Reference Book  Edited by Michael Talbot-Smith. Butterworth Heinemann. I contributed the chapter on Analogue Recording and Reproduction 




Rapid Electronics 

RS Components 

Schaeffer AG 


Frostwave Analogue music machines from Australia. 

Synth-DIY Great place to learn about all things related to building DIY synths. 

Oakley Synths Yahoo Group  Discussion forum for Oakley users. The ultimate synthesiser resource site, owned by Paul Maddox, who kindly provided this web space

Wiseguysynth The late Larry Hendry's website, which amongst other synth stuff, has Oakley parts listings for Stateside builders. 

Introspectiv Yahoo Group Discussion group for the 9090 Drumsynth 

Catgirl Synth Ken Stones modular Synth site and PCBs for sale. 

P3 Analogue Sequencer Colin Fraser's Sequencer project. 

P3 Yahoo Group P3 Discussion Group. 

Musicfromouterspace Ray Wilson's fascinating site chock full of goodies to build 

Arpeggi8 Mark Smiths funky new arpeggiator 

Arpeggi8 Yahoo Group  Discussion group for arpeggiator project. 

PMC Ltd. My day Job ! - British manufacturers of the finest Transmission Line Loudspeakers in the World. 



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